Bodied by Magan Evette

Are you suffering from sinus pressure due to ever changing seasons? Do you find that your jaw hurts after long hours on the phone? What about the migraine headache you have had for the past week due to tension in your neck and shoulders from working on a computer or commuting back and forth to work? 


Although every body is different everybody is the same. Here at Bodied by Magan Evette I take your treatment serious. You are more then just a number to M.E. 

I combine modalities such as Swedish and Deep Tissue Therapy in order to create a unique experience centered around you! 

With the use of Percussion Therapy and Silicone Cupping I can unlock tension quickly. Aromatherapy and Hot/Cold therapy assist in quieting  the mind and alleviating aches and pain. 

All treatments are delivered in the comfort of your home. NO NEED TO FIGHT WITH TRAFFIC! Allow M.E. to customize you in home session today!